Got Mold?

Air IQ specializes in a range of environmental services that help keep you, your family, and your employees safe. Our services have a wide range; from residential mold inspections to large commercial property assessments. Air IQ is ready to take on all your indoor environmental service needs!

Allergen Testing

Asbestos & Lead Testing

Mold Inspections & Testing

Water Testing

Moisture Evaluations

Leak Detection

And more!

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Air IQ is able to provide fast inspection services for mold, asbestos, air quality, and more! CAll to ask our team about our free consultations to find out more about precisely what we can do to help you solve the environmental issues in your home or commercial property.


When we first get your call, we ask you a quick series of questions about your concerns. This is so we can try to narrow down exactly what we may need to test for and how we can help you. After our call, we’ll work with you to set up a scheduled time for our team to visit your property to detect the cause of the issue at hand. That’s when the testing starts! We document our findings each step of the way from mold on the wall to the smell of their air. If we find something that may be of concern, we take samples and send your results off to the lab.



Mold can come in many forms and some of them cause a number of health problems from respiratory issues to skin diseases. Our mold testing starts with an in-depth inspection of the property using the latest testing technology and advanced equipment.


Leaks can occur anywhere in your home, both from plumbing failure and roof damage. Finding these leaks is essential in preventing mold growth. Our tactics for detecting leaks are non-invasive or destructive to your property.


Preventative measures for drinking tap water are easy to implement, but what about the water you use to bath, wash your hands, or even water your plants? Yearly water testing is important to ensure the water in your home or business is safe for everyday use.


Moisture can easily collect in the air as hot showers, cooking, and outside factors cause humidity to spread throughout the house. The way to find this excess moisture both in the air and in building materials is by moisture mapping the property. Once found, the process of drying or removing moisture ridden materials can begin.


The quality of the air in a home can be diminished by a number of factors, especially allergens. Airborne substances cause respiratory issues and allergic reactions in residents and pets. Millions of Americans have suffered from allergies from airborne allergens and we’re here to find the causes of bad air quality.