Mold growth is most commonly caused by leaks in the home. Areas with plumbing are the most susceptible to leaks but they can also occur when your roof is damaged or around your water heater. Bathrooms and kitchens are the most common areas for mold growth besides areas where there is high humidity like laundry rooms and basements.

When a small leak develops in pipes and cracks in your roofing, water trickles slowly, sometimes steadily, into your home’s wall cavities. This causes stains to appear in your ceiling and inner walls, which is a very common sign of mold growth. If you find mold, a leak is likely nearby. Call us immediately as this can affect your health negatively.

If you are concerned about moisture issues and leaks, check for signs in your roof, in and around cabinets, carpet, and walls. Acting at the first sign of moisture in your home is best. Air IQ offers noninvasive testing services for local leak detection. We strive to find the leak in your home and quickly resolve excess moisture issues efficiently.


Leaks in your roof are a very common occurrence and needs to be handled immediately before it gets worse. A roof leak can spread over 20 feet and can be difficult to locate. Addressing the leak as soon as possible is vital not only to the health of your roof, but also the health of your home.

Severe weather and daily weathering are unavoidable causes of roof leaks. Walking on roofs can be dangerous is these issues have occurred. Air IQ has non invasive ways of finding the cause and surface area of the roof leak.

Other causes of roof leaks are:

Severe Weather

Age Of Roof

Broken Shingles

Loosened Nails

Poor Workmanship

Improper Laid Roofing

Clogged Gutters


Unfortunately most leaks are hidden and very difficult to find. Cracks, bubbles, and discoloration of building materials all work to hide leaks. Improper installation of window panes and walls can create cracks that can let in rain and humidity from the outside. To find these hidden leaks without damaging your home, Air IQ uses noninvasive testing strategies.

If you find that hardwood or laminate floors experience bubbling and discoloration with no explanation, it’s likely you’ll need the infrared leak detection services that Air IQ offers. Bubbling that occurs under paint in walls is also a sign that you may have a roof leak.