About us


An Environmental service professional is someone who works to identify the causes of poor indoor air quality. The environmental service professional is specially trained to see an indoor environment the way a doctor sees the body of a patient. A home or commercial property is a body with dozens of interrelated systems. When any of those systems are invaded, it affects the property’s overall health, and ultimately the health of those who reside within it. As environmental service professionals, Air IQ is dedicated to gathering and interpreting data collected from properties to determine the cause of failure.


As part of our general duties, investigating is one of the core competencies that we possess. It’s common for home and business owners to not have any inkling as to what is causing their home to smell, what type of mold is growing on their walls, or what’s causing their loved ones to suffer from chronic illnesses. Our job is to investigate the home and find the culprit that leads to your property to be unsafe to inhabit.


Air IQ had a duty to all it’s clients to adhere to confidentiality policies and protect their information. When information has to be sent out to someone other than our team, we limit the amount of information given only to what they need, such as samples and collected data that specifically pertains to the investigation. We only give information to essential workers in the case and only with your written authorization.